A North Carolina state senator told supporters that electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ticket this November would stop violent protests in the Middle East because it would put "real men in the White House."

Sen. David Rouzer (R) made the remarks at a Tea Party Express rally on Sunday, ThinkProgress reported.

"When we get [Romney and Ryan] in you are going to see a big change," he said. "You're going to see, number one, that America is going to be respected again around the world. You're going to see all this turmoil that's taking place, you're going to see them look up and say guess what, the American people have spoken and maybe we need to cut it out a little bit, maybe we need to tone it down a little bit, because now we have real men in the White House."

When a supporter shouted "No girly men!," Rouzer responded, "That's right, no girly men!"

Rouzer, who is currently running for the state legislature, recently deployed an ad featuring the same pair of older men who appeared in a 2008 commercial credited with helping Democrat Kay Hagan defeat to a senate win over Elizabeth Dole. The two men would switch parties two years later, appearing in an ad on behalf of Republican state senator Richard Burr.

Video of Rouzer's remarks, posted Wednesday by ThinkProgress, can be seen below.

[Image via David Rouzer's campaign Facebook page]