Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday responded to this week's attacks on the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya by explaining to his viewers that Muslims "go crazy" when Islam is insulted because they can't defend the tenets of their religion.

On Tuesday, U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and at least three members of his staff had been killed during protests over a film that mocked that the Prophet Muhammad and was promoted by Terry Jones, a U.S. pastor who had previously sparked deadly riots threatening to burn Qurans.

"You wonder what it is in these Muslims that makes them go crazy when somebody says something about Muhammad, most of which happens to be true," Robertson said. "He took his favorite wife when she was either 8 or 9 years old and he was 53. And he began having sexual relations with that 8- or 9-year-old child. And we called that pedophilia in this country, but with him it was like a holy act."

"He had a number of wives and this movie showed him having sexual intercourse with one more more of his wives," the TV preacher added. "And I guess the Muslims got upset about that."

Robertson went on to explain that Muslims were so defensive about their religion "because they cannot defends some of the stuff they believe."

"Ishmael, the Bible says, was wild donkey. I mean, he was just a wild man. And apparently, that spirit has pervaded these people. And it's just crazy, but they do it."

Watch this video from CBN's The 700 Club via Right Wing Watch, broadcast Sept. 12, 2012.