Police in Tacoma, Washington said that a drunk driver mistakenly called 911 on himself twice in less than 24 hours, according to a local news report.

During the first call, placed Tuesday night, 911 dispatchers reportedly said they heard what sounded like two people arguing, and a woman begging a man to pull a vehicle over. When a patrolman in the area of that call witnessed a vehicle run a red light, The News Tribune in Tacoma explains that he tried to pull the driver over.

But when the officer turned on his lights, the vehicle's driver didn't cooperate and instead stopped to let his female passenger flee on foot, then the man sped off. A chase ensued, but the suspect got away.

Then, strangely, the very next next morning police got another call from the same phone, once again with nobody speaking directly to them on the other end. Police said they traced the call to a different vehicle, only to discover both suspects intoxicated and asleep inside.

Officers concluded that the in his drunkenness, the man must have accidentally dialed 911 twice without realizing it.


Photo: Shutterstock.com, all rights reserved.