Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus claimed on Sunday that his party had a "good week" after video surfaced of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney insulting 47 percent of Americans, and said that the presidential candidate didn't need to offer more details about his policies because "we've got specifics coming out our eyeballs."

During an interview on ABC News, host George Stephanopoulos noted that Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan had declared that Romney's campaign was a "rolling calamity" after video was leaked of him saying that 47 percent of Americans were not his problem.

"I think Peggy Noonan is really smart," Priebus admitted. "I respect and admire people that are very concerned and even if they're upset about, you know, something that happens in a campaign or if the week needs to be better like last week because I think that this is a different kind of campaign, George. I mean, I promise you on my life, I'm not sitting here talking to you because I'm worried about the future of the Republican Party."

"I think that we had a good week last week -- I think in retrospect -- in that we were able to frame up the debate," he insisted. "Clearly things are not going well in this country."

Stephanopoulos pointed out that many Republicans thought that the Romney needed to campaign on vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's budget and release "more bold and specific ideas."

"I mean, for crying out loud, we've got Paul Ryan on the ticket," Priebus replied. "There can't be anything more specific than a budget that we passed to get a hold of the 10-year debt window, the deficits that are out of control that the president promised that he would fix. As far as specifics go, we are the only one talking about how to save Medicare."

"I mean, we've got specifics coming out our eyeballs," he added.

Watch this video from ABC's This Week, broadcast Sept. 23, 2012.