Ron Reagan, the liberal son of former President Ronald Reagan, on Thursday said that the so-called 'poll truthers' at Fox News like Karl Rove and Dick Morris who deny any poll that says President Barack Obama is ahead were so out of touch that they must be smoking a crack pipe in the network's green room.

During a Monday segment on Fox News, Morris had claimed that Romney was "in a very strong position" even though polls showed him down in all nine battleground states.

"I believe if the election were held today, I believe Romney would win by four or five points," Morris explained. "I believe he would carry Florida, Ohio, Virginia. I believe he would carry Nevada. I believe he would carry Pennsylvania -- Pennsylvania. And I believe he would be competitive in Michigan."

"People need to understand that the polling this year is the worst it's ever been," he insisted. "Because this is the first election where if I tell you who's going to vote, I can tell you how they're going to vote. ... And the models these folks are using are crazy. They assume a Democratic edge of six or seven points."

On Thursday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked Reagan why Fox News would invite Morris on to slam even their own poll -- which showed Obama leading Romney nationally, 48-43.

"You sometimes imagine that back in the Republican green room, there's this giant crack pipe that they're all hitting on constantly, hitting it hard," Reagan joked.

"It's time to say, 'Don't bogart that, Morris' because I think he's been on that pipe longer than most," Matthews agreed.

"It's true, he bought the pipe, I think," Reagan added. "But let's not give them too much credit here. The rank and file actually believes some of this nonsense. They believe that evolution didn't happen, global warming is a hoax, Obama is a Kenyan. But the people like Dick Morris -- and Sean Hannity for that matter, who has spread a lot of this kind of propaganda -- they know better than this and there is a method to their madness here."

"They're not delusional, they're dishonest. They're not crazy, they're craven... What they're trying to do here and accomplish here is to say in advance, if President Obama wins this election, it's because the pollsters suppressed the Republican vote, it's therefore an illegitimate election, he's not really president. They're setting the table for that."

Watch this video from MSNBC's Hardball, broadcast Sept. 28, 2012.

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