Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan took a break from campaigning in Ohio on Tuesday to do some shopping for his 10-year-old daughter's upcoming hunting trip.

"I'm taking Liza deer hunting in deer season," Ryan told reporters. "She going to get to go hunt for deer this year for the first time. She's hunted with me, but this is the first time she gets to do hunting herself. She's 10 years old, she can hunt starting at 10."

"I got her a rifle for Christmas last year so I'm getting her ready to go," he added. "I got her a Remington 700 .243 junior model, .243 is the caliber. It's a good gun."

ABC News reported that Ryan purchased camouflage gloves and a jacket for $101.14 in cash.

But on Twitter, not everyone was impressed.

"I know hunting is big in Midwest," Crooks and Liars' Karoli wrote. "But Ryan was just pandering to gun nuts."

"Whatever happened to Barbie dolls? Sheesh!" Maumee Mom wondered.

"Aww! There's nothing sweeter than a Dad and daughter bonding over the body of a dead animal they probably won't eat," Troy Martez tweeted sarcastically.

Watch this video from WDIV, broadcast Sept. 25, 2012.