Arnold Schwarzenegger recently floored veteran CBS reporter Leslie Stahl by revealing that he had rejected the Republican Party platform and performed multiple same sex weddings while still serving as the governor of California.

"I always said I have nothing against people doing what they want to do," Schwarzenegger told Stahl in an interview that will air Sunday on CBS. "If a couple wants to get married, they should get married. I personally always said that marriage is between a man and a woman, but I never would enforce my will on people. I always want people to make that decision. If they want to get married, let them get married."

Stahl reminded the former governor that he had once called his chief of staff "a cigar smoking lesbian."

"She got married. Did you go to the wedding?" the CBS reporter wondered.

"I performed the wedding in the office," Schwarzenegger replied with a smile. "I married her in the office -- in the governor's office. I don't have to be for gay marriage. I'm for that she gets the kind of wedding and the kind of ceremony that I had when I got married with Maria [Shriver]. That she happens to love a woman and I am a guy that loves a woman, that is two different things, that doesn't make any difference. She should still have her ceremony."

Schwarzenegger added that he had also married one other assistant who was in a same sex relationship.

"I didn't know that," Stahl said, clearly surprised.

"That's why I give you the scoop so you have some news," Schwarzenegger laughed.

Watch this video from CBS' 60 Minutes, broadcast Sept. 30, 2012.