There's two Orange Couch videos this week, because as we're winding down Breaking Bad, we're picking up Doctor Who! For all you people who turned me on to this show last May when I was asking for Netflix recommendations, you people created a monster. Two, in fact. Three, if you want to include our new co-host.

Since it's a sci-fi series, we thought we'd approach it with a goofier tone and make a little more fun than we do with Mad Men or Breaking Bad. Luckily for us, this show has a genuinely controversial storyline the other shows don't have, i.e. the Nurse Rory situation. You can probably guess how Team Orange Couch feels about a plot involving a bad ass lady who is expected to settle down with a guy for no other reason than he's put his time in being nice to her, but watch the video for more details.

As for the most important question: What did you think of the Daleks? Dude, the new-fangled Moffat Daleks that turn people into Dalek puppets are awesome. Keeping these characters scary is not an easy task, since they are goofy as shit (which is why I like them), and I think Moffat did a really good job. But the new twist involving the Daleks straight up forgetting the Doctor is an interesting one; I can't imagine that it'll last since they have time travel capabilities and can quickly relearn their hatred using them.

What do you think? Of the episode, the Pond marriage, the new maybe-companion, the new Daleks, or the show itself? This is a fun new experiment, since we haven't really talked about Doctor Who in this space before.