His approval rating may be under 50 percent but some Americans are still willing to pay good money to hear President Barack Obama speak.

With the 2012 election campaign in full swing, Obama will make a high-profile pitch to voters Thursday in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Democrats' are holding their party convention.

With tickets for the event in hot demand, some holders were willing to part with their credentials for up to $230.

One man, who said he could not attend because of work commitments, posted a sales ad on the popular Internet site Craigslist looking for offers: "The tickets are free, but I would like to be reimbursed for the two days of missed work and the 7 1/2 hours that I stood in line for them."

When contacted he said that figure was $230.

Organizers of the event at the 70,000-seater Bank of America stadium had handed out tens of thousands of "community credentials" on a first-come-first-served basis.

"There's overwhelming enthusiasm for this president and this convention across North Carolina, the region and the country," said Democratic National Convention committee spokeswoman Joanne Peters. "Tens of thousands of Americans have already not only received community credentials, but have confirmed their attendance by activating them."

But some were left out.

In August local media reported thousands of people waited in line for hours for a chance to get a ticket only to leave empty handed.

With days to go before the speech, local Internet sites were littered with locals willing to pay for tickets.

One would-be buyer wrote: "I was out of town when they were given out and did not have the opportunity to get any. I really would like to take my nephew with me to view this historic event."

But organizers warned that tickets were not transferable and "unauthorized, unlawful, or attempted resale through any means is grounds for seizure and automatic cancelation of this Community Credential."

[Image via Agence France-Presse]