During a town hall event in Lima, Ohio on Monday a voter asked Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) why Mitt Romney was a better choice than Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) or anarchist Vermin Supreme.

"Do you want Barack Obama to be reelected?" Ryan responded. "Then don't vote for Ron Paul. Look, actually Ron is a friend of mine. I know Ron very well. I like Ron quite a bit. There are many things that Ron has championed that I am a big believer in, especially liberty and sound money."

Ryan did not address why Romney was a better choice than Supreme, a perennial presidential candidate who advocates zombie preparedness and dental hygiene. Supreme, who can often be found wearing a large rubber boot on his head at political protests, has also promised a free pony for every American if he is elected.

In addition to running for various political positions throughout the years, Supreme was active in the “Occupy Boston” protest and has glitter bombed anti-abortion activist Randall Terry.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast Sept. 24, 2012.

With reporting by David Edwards