Cast members of the beloved Aaron Sorkin show "The West Wing" reunited to make a video to support Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack and to promote down-ballot voting.

The ad, shot in the program's famous walk-and-talk style brings back the characters Will Bailey (Joshua Malina), C. J. Cregg (Allison Janney), Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff), Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford), Donna Moss (Janel Moloney), Kate Harper (Mary Catherine McCormack), Deborah Fiderer (Lily Tomlin) and President Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet (Martin Sheen).

The Ecclectablog reports that Mary Catherine McCormack is Bridget McCormack's sister.

One of the video's funnier moments was when the characters asked "Who is Mary McCormack?" and McCormack's character Kate Harper entered the room and said, "No clue but something tells me she’s delightful, and whip smart. Possibly hot. Hard to say, really.”

According to Josh Lyman, many voters only check the box to vote their party's ticket, neglecting the non-partisan electoral posts and initiatives further down the ballot. The ad endorses Bridget McCormack for Supreme Court of Michigan while it reminds voters to make certain they vote for everything put before them and not just a straight party ticket.

When the walking-and-talking troup of cast members arrived in the Oval Office, C.J. underlined the point of the ad when she said, "Mr. President, as you know, the men and women who serve on state supreme courts rule on issues that affect literally millions of Americans."

The cast chimed in, citing issues like civil rights, environmental issues and workplace rights.

"Alright, friends," said Pres. Bartlet, whipping his jacket on in his characteristic style, "Let it be written, let it be done. Mrs. Federer!" he barked, "What's next?"

"The West Wing" ran from 1999 to 2006. On Wednesday, BuzzFeed reported that Secretary of State officials in the nascent democratic government in Myanmar told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that have been watching old episodes of the program to learn about democracy.

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube, below:

Watch Secretary of State Clinton's remarks, embedded below: