Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin said she has been unable to obtain records of her Facebook conversations with American actor Alec Baldwin that would help clear her of stalking charges.

"I will appear before a New York jury (on November 27) without my evidence. I wonder what my chances are of getting a fair trial," she told AFP Thursday.

Baldwin filed stalking charges against Sabourin earlier this year, accusing her of sending love-struck emails, asking him to marry her and showing up uninvited at his Manhattan apartment.

Sabourin, who was arrested on April 8 and detained for 36 hours, said the stalking allegations are part of a "misunderstanding."

Records of their Facebook messages would show that the interest was mutual and reveal the "true nature" of their relationship, she said.

"When I saw that he had begun seeing someone else, I decided to cancel our friendship on Facebook, and because of that I lost the entire content of our conversations."

She said she had been working with her lawyer to obtain the content from Facebook but to no avail, saying the law did not oblige the social media giant to provide her with evidence she could use to defend herself.

As to US media reports of a "love triangle," Sabourin said she had been "stoned in the public square."

"My personal and professional reputation has been completely destroyed," said the 40-year-old actress.

She had met the 54-year-old Baldwin, now a major presence on US television screens through his role in the successful "30 Rock" series, in 2002 on the set of the Eddie Murphy film "The Adventures of Pluto Nash."

Sabourin said she fears that Baldwin's popularity will create bias among a jury made up of New York residents.