Update (below): Man named by Anonymous admits to knowing Todd

Hackers with the online protest movement "Anonymous" claimed Tuesday that they've figured out the identify of the individual who cyber stalked Canadian teen Amanda Todd prior to her suicide.

A document published by a nameless hacker claimed a 30-year-old man who lives in British Columbia was the culprit who extorted Todd for nude photographs of herself, then used those photos to humiliate her in front of her friends on Facebook. Todd, 15, committed suicide on October 10.

Raw Story has chosen not to name the individual cited by Anonymous after an address included with the leak turned out to be incorrect, leaving bewildered homeowners asking Internet activists to leave them alone.

Hackers sent a series of Facebook and forum screenshots to Vice Magazine of the person Anonymous alleges is the stalker, along with a censored image of Todd apparently flashing a camera. The individual Anonymous linked to Todd's suicide was facing dozens of death threats by Tuesday morning.

Hackers were apparently provoked into action after an unrelated Twitter user claimed to have discovered a photo of Todd's naked corpse lying in a morgue, sharing a link to it with followers. That individual's account was hacked by Tuesday morning, and his face was pasted onto gay pornography smattered all over his social media profiles.

Hackers left a long series of furious messages excoriating what appeared to be a teen boy for having no respect for the dead. It is not clear if the photo showed Todd's corpse, but a coroner told The Daily Dot that the autopsy had not yet been carried out.

Todd told her heartbreaking tale in an anti-bullying video that went viral on YouTube shortly before she was found dead inside her home after taking her own life. An investigation is still underway and authorities have not made any arrests.

Update: Man named by Anonymous admits to knowing Todd

A man named by Anonymous as the cyber stalker who hounded 15-year-old Amanda Todd with a pornographic photo of herself told a CTV reporter in British Columbia that he did in fact know the teen prior to her death, but denied that he stalked her.

CTV reporter Lisa Rossington approached the man as he was en route to a court hearing over a charge of sexual assault against a minor. CTV did not reveal his identity because there's not yet any solid proof connecting the man to Todd's suicide. Police are still investigating.