Anti-abortion crusader Randall Terry has released a video mocking Samuel L. Jackson as the "New Uncle Tom" for his complicity in so-called "black genocide" by supporting President Barack Obama.

Wearing a thick gold chain and speaking with a stereotypical urban accent, Terry performs his poem as “Sir Reginald Bling" to parody Jackson's recent video which urged voters to "Wake the Fuck Up."

"When Obama and Biden work themselves to a fit / they picked up the phone, called 9-1-holy shit," Randall says. "Send a man who will 'Die Hard with a Vengeance' for us / And a man who will stay in the back of the bus / You're darn right we'll work, no you just stay calm / Get Samuel L. Jackson to play uncle Tom."

"When there's too many black kids running around / who do you call to clean up your town? / When you absolutely got to kill every babe in the womb / except no substitutes, Planned Parenthood's the tomb," he continues. "When the attack of the black clones gives voters the chills / Obama, this boy has exceptional skills / When it's time for the work of the Ku Klux Klan / Samuel L. Jackson, uh huh, he's the man."

"Who do the racist at Planned Parenthood turn to call on? / Samuel L. Jackson, the new Uncle Tom."

Terry is running both for Congress in Florida and as independent candidate for president in several states so that his group, Operation Rescue, can run graphic ads featuring aborted fetuses and accusing pro-choice activists of "black genocide."

"Randall Terry, a purported candidate for U.S. President, has asserted that he has the legal right to force our station to broadcast his advertisements under a law that provides federal candidates with access to TV station airtime," Indiana NBC affiliate WFIE explained to their viewers. "We believe that the content of Randall Terry's advertisements is inappropriate for our viewers. If you agree that this material is not appropriate for television, please contact Randall Terry directly and let him know of your concerns."

In 2009, Terry claimed that Dr. George Tiller "reaped what he sowed" after he was gunned down by anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder.

Watch this video from Randall Terry for U.S. House via Right Wing Watch, broadcast Oct. 15, 2012.