A senior adviser to Mitt Romney on Sunday said that every woman she had talked to was turned off by Vice President Joe Biden's debate performance because it was "awful and obnoxious."

During a panel segment on Face the Nation, Bay Buchanan extended a recent conservative line of attack that attempts to paint Biden as a sexist-type personality because he was aggressive and interrupted Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

"That's where the vice president really hurt his ticket," Buchanan explained. "Because as women looked at that debate, there's nothing that is more offensive to us than to see a man just constantly interrupt and be offensive and boorish in his behavior and have no respect for somebody who's trying to have a legitimate debate."

She continued: "I haven't talked to a woman who's looked at that debate and not just responded and said that was just awful and obnoxious."

"Bay, I actually talked to a lot women who didn't have that reaction, including my mom," Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn interrupted. "So, let's not be over the top. You're drawing out what you want to draw out to make your point."

"I talked to a lot of women who are apolitical," Buchanan insisted. "I just know that women do not like that."

Conservative Fox News host Andrea Tantaros made a similar point in her debate analysis on Friday.

"You know the guy that puts his finger in your face, the guy that sort of dresses you down, who knows more than you do -- hey, honey, go make some coffee," Tantaros said. "That's how I took it. You know what I thought? If he's gonna behave that way in public with millions of people watching, how does he behave in private?"

Listen to this CBS's Face the Nation, recorded Oct. 14, 2012.