An adviser to Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson on Thursday mocked Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican Party, by referring to him as "Reince Penis."

In a radio interview on Thursday, Roger Stone told The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis that the Republican Party was not allowing Johnson to participate in debates because they were worried he would take votes away from GOP hopeful Mitt Romney.

"It's amazing to me the Republican National chairman, Reince Penis -- I mean, Peebus, Priebus, pardon me -- says that he -- that Johnson is a non-factor, yet the Republicans spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to have him bumped off the ballot in Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and they have not succeeded," Stone explained. "Gary Johnson is now a viable alternative on 48 states, which total 495 electoral votes."

The Johnson campaign filed an anti-trust lawsuit suit in federal court in September, charging that the Republican and Democratic Parties were conspiring to keep third-party candidates from participating in debates. The campaign on Friday asked a federal court to intervene prior to Monday's third presidential debate.

Earlier this month, Priebus insisted that Johnson was a "non-factor" in the presidential race.

“It doesn’t worry me,” the RNC chairman told CNN's Candy Crowley. “I think people understand that they’re not going to throw their vote away when we have an election here that’s about the future of America.”

But Stone said that his disagreement with Priebus was not personal.

"I couldn't pick him out of a police lineup, which is probably where he belongs," the political consultant quipped. "I have a problem with hypocrisy. Don't say we're a non-factor if you're spending millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars to block us from the ballot. So, it's not personal, but it is personal."

Stone also said that he couldn't understand why the LGBT conservative group GOProud would endorse Romney instead of a libertarian like Johnson.

"That's like the Jews for Hitler committee," he observed. "I guess in this case, being Republican is more important to them than being gay. I don't know why any gay person would vote for Mitt Romney if those were the issues that motivated you because he's not right on any of their issues."

Listen to this audio from the Matt Lewis Show, broadcast Oct. 19, 2012.

[Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr]