Appearing at a town hall event in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson was asked if he'd like to go crowd surfing. And without any hesitation, he agreed.

As cameras rolled, the former New Mexico governor turned his back on the crowd and let them pick him up, being carried around the room for a moment before touching back down.

Johnson, who served as a Republican, initially sought his former party's nomination but was locked out of the primary debates. He hasn't fared much better in the general election campaign, but an unconventional public relations push in recent weeks seems to have captured a growing amount of national media attention.

He's since filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates in hopes of forcing a rule change that would allow him to participate in the presidential debates. The commission restricts participation to candidates who have more than 15 percent support in national polls

Johnson has been making gains in the polls recently, although he badly trails President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Survey data from the Libertarian-leaning Reason magazine recently found that Johnson could take up to 6 percent of the vote nationwide.

This video was published to YouTube on October 2, 2012.

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