Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have launched a get-out-the vote campaign, with a nonpartisan message using social media, and aimed especially at young voters.

The initiative includes a Facebook page and Twitter account, along with a YouTube video which includes messages from stars encouraging voter participating.

The video shows DiCaprio, Maguire and others including Zac Efron, Benicio Del Toro, Edward Norton, Ellen Degeneres, Selena Gomez and Amanda Seyfried challenging people to get out to vote.

"If you could vote for anything in the world..." DiCaprio says at the opening of the video. His fellow actors chime in with comments like, "Anything?" or "Anything at all?" and add a series of quips.

"We are partnering with bipartisan nonprofits focused on the election in order to drive as many as possible to register to vote and get out to the polls on November 6," the group says in a statement.

The initiative also encourages people to make their own videos on voting, some of which may be used by the campaign.