Appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow highlighted a recent claim by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney that she said hallmarks the serious "truthfulness problem" his campaign has exhibited.

Romney told voters in Defiance, Ohio recently that he read an article which claimed that auto-maker Jeep is "thinking of moving all production to China." The article, which appeared in Bloomberg News, actually said that Jeep is planning on expanding in China, not moving there altogether. Chrysler additionally put out a statement calling the speculation "fantasies," insisting they have no plan to relocate.

In other words, Maddow said, Romney's claim is "not at all true" -- despite the campaign virtually repeating it in a misleading television ad released Sunday.

"It’s okay for a candidate to make a flub," she said. "But not to correct it -- to not say I was wrong about that? There's been a truthfulness problem with the Romney campaign that connects even to the most basic issues like the economy in the states where it most matters."

Later in the segment, Maddown went back to Romney's 2008 editorial titled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt," in which he wrote, "you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye" if President Barack Obama's bailout plan went forward as auto executives requested.

"That [bailout] saved the auto industry," Maddow said. "It was a success and Mr. Romney is trying to deny the fact that he was against it, and he's trying to take some of the credit for it."

This video is from NBC's "Meet the Press," broadcast Sunday, October 28, 2012.

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