In criticizing the "Republican bubble" Friday night, Bill Maher denounced his two conservative guests during a panel discussion on the second presidential debate and the fact-checking on the Libyan consulate attack that tripped Mitt Romney up.

After Maher showed the clip of Romney mistakenly saying it took President Barack Obama two weeks to call the Sept. 11 assault on the Benghazi consulate that killed four Americans "an act of terror," followed by transcripts from the two days immediately afterward where Obama did, in fact, refer to "acts of terror," Daily Caller contributor Boris Epshteyn first denied that that was a fact, then said it wasn't the bigger issue, which got a rise out of Maher.

"You guys are so fucked up," he told Epshteyn and National Review writer John Fund. When Epshteyn said that more than 50 percent of the country liked their party, Maher spat back, "Well, they're fucked up, too."

When Fund said the debate's moderator, CNN host Candy Crowley, backtracked on her fact-checking of Romney -- which she had not -- MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor challenged him immediately.

"What she did say was, she said that he did characterize this as having to do with a video," Taylor said. "She never took back 'act of terror.'"

Watch Maher's disagreement with his guests, posted Friday by Mediaite, below.

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