The Center for Reproductive Rights is releasing a new set of ads, featuring high profile actors including Meryl Streep, Sarah Silverman and Amy Poehler to warn women about the threats to their reproductive freedoms and urging them to sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights.

"Every day the opponents of our fundamental reproductive rights are passing laws to take those rights away," said Streep in one of the first two ads, which were released Tuesday. "They're shutting down doctors and clinics across the nation."

"And have you heard some of the things they're saying about us?" she continued. "It would make Sarah Silverman blush," Streep said, as the camera flashed to Silverman, who gave a wry look, but said nothing.

The Bill of Reproductive Rights, authored by the Center for Reproductive Rights and available at, has three parts.

Mother Jones magazine reports that the three tenets are:

1. The right to make our own decisions about our reproductive health and future, free from intrusion or coercion by any government, group, or individual.

2. The right to a full range of safe, affordable, and readily accessible reproductive health care—including pregnancy care, preventive services, contraception, abortion, and fertility treatment—and accurate information about all of the above.

3. The right to be free from discrimination in access to reproductive health care or on the basis of our reproductive decisions.

"The pledge comes as CRR marks its 20th anniversary," wrote Mother Jones's Kate Sheppard. "This year was also the 20th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, in which the court first allowed states to put their own limits on abortion access. It's also just ahead of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in January 2013."

Watch the first two videos, featuring Meryl Streep and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, embedded via YouTube, below:

Meryl Streep

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Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon