During a debate on Tuesday night, Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said that pregnancy was a gift from God, even if it was the result of rape.

"I believe life begins at conception," he said. "The only exception I have for to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I struggled with myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen."

Mourdock's campaign website describes the tea party candidate as "unapologetically pro-life" and says the landmark ruling Roe v. Wade was a "serious misreading of the original intent of those who established our Constitution."

During primary elections this year, Mourdock defeated Richard Lugar, the longest-serving Republican currently in the Senate. Mourdock is currently running against Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN).

Donnelly told the Associated Press after the debate that he doesn't believe "my God, or any God, would intend that to happen."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: