President Barack Obama’s senior campaign advisor put four decades’ worth of facial hair on the line against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough Wednesday morning.

After discussing the president’s re-election prospects in Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, David Axelrod vowed to shave off his mustache if Obama lost any of those states to Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the Nov. 6 election.

Scarborough responded with a wager of his own: if Obama won Florida and/or North Carolina, he would grow a “Freddy Fender-like” mustache. MSNBC staffers quickly posted a picture showing how each man might look if he lost the bet.

“After the election, you guys aren’t gonna have that much to talk about,” Axelrod said after sealing the verbal contract. “People can tune in and watch your mustache grow.”

According to The Hill, Romney’s campaign believes it has a chance to break through in Michigan, Minnesota or Pennsylvania, all traditional Democratic strongholds, despite trailing Obama in recent polls, a theory Axelrod disputed, though he noted the president’s campaign continues to pour resources into those states.

“We’re being prudent in those states and we’re not taking anything for granted,” Axelrod said.

Axelrod’s wager with Scarborough, aired Tuesday on MSNBC, can be seen below.

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