A question during Tuesday's presidential debate over the difference between current Republican candidate Mitt Romney and the last Republican president, George W. Bush, touched on both economic and social policy.

Romney said his party "has been focused on big business for too long," and said he wanted to keep taxes down for small businesses. In a swipe at President Barack Obama's Affordable Health Care act, he said business owners are scared that it will prevent them from being able to hire more people.

"My priority is jobs. I know how to make that happen," Romney said. "President Bush had a very different path for a very different time. My path is designed in getting small businesses to grow and hire people."

Obama countered that Romney based his economic plan around high-end tax cuts like Bush did. As Think Progress reported, though, Obama did mention some differences he saw between Romney and Bush.

"George Bush didn't propose turning Medicare into a voucher," Obama said. "George Bush embraced comprehensive immigration reform. He didn't call for self-deportation. George Bush never suggested that we should eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. So, there are differences between Governor Romney and George Bush, but they're not on economic policy. In some ways, he's gone to a more extreme place when it comes to social policy."

Videos of both candidates' remarks on jobs creation, posted on YouTube Tuesday by The Washington Post, can be seen below.