Tuesday on Current TV's "The War Room with Jennifer Granholm," former Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urged Democrats to stop belly-aching in the wake of President Barack Obama's poor debate performance last week and get organized.

"We don't agonize, we organize," Pelosi said of Democrats.  "Get out there and fight.  I notice what the polls talk about are the likely voters.  For example, in Ohio, the lead's 4 points among likely voters, but it's 10 points among registered voters."

"Which speaks to the ground game," said former Gov. Granholm (D-MI).

"The ground game," Pelosi agreed, "Mano a mano," meaning that the Democrats need to get out and go door-to-door, mobilizing voters and ensuring that voters get to the polls.

On the subject of Vice Pres. Joe Biden in Wednesday night's scheduled debate against Rep. Paul Ryan, Pelosi was sanguine, pointing out Biden's trailblazing work as a co-author of the Violence Against Women Act, which Ryan has voted to gut.

"In terms of a woman's right to choose, Paul Ryan is exactly like Todd Akin," she told Granholm, in terms of "forcible rape," fetal "personhood" and his other hard right, anti-choice views, as well as his extreme views on Medicare.

Pelosi had strong, comforting words for people (like Daily Beast writer Andrew Sullivan) who are seriously worried about the president's chances in November.  "The president is going to win," she said, "Four weeks from today, we will have the election.  Four weeks from tomorrow morning we want to have no regrets."

She urged Democrats to do "everything in our power" to ensure that outcome.  If the Republicans win, she said, "It will take us to a period before Lyndon Johnson on Medicare, a pillar of economic and health care security for seniors, and how that affects their families."

Watch the video, embedded below via Current TV:

[Nancy Pelosi photo by Jason Pier via Flickr Commons]