Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert says "slavery was a blot" on the United States but the country is actually a lot worse off now because people are "openly rebelling" against God.

During a Tuesday conference call supporting Vision America Pastor Rick Scarborough's plan for 40 days of prayer asking God to remove ungodly people from office "so that godly people can take their place," Gohmert warned that the U.S. appeared to be like other failed countries as they moved "toward the end of their existence."

"There is so much that is so critical to whether or not this country continues," the congressman explained. "No explanation as to why we’ve been so blessed other than the people who went before us were blessed, they followed God’s rule book, in our founding they followed biblical teachings."

"We strayed away at different times, Andrew Jackson’s time was not a great time, at different times slavery was a blot on our existence," he continued. "But the trouble is we have never as an entire nation overall been so far away from God’s teaching and so openly rebelling, even from the top, against God’s teachings in the Bible."

Earlier this year, Gohmert had blasted the Obama administration’s contraception mandate because he said it was similar to banning communion.

Listen to this audio via Right Wing Watch, recorded on Oct. 16, 2012.

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[Photo credit: Mark Taylor]