BOCA RATON, Florida — After raking in hundreds of millions of dollars for his presidential bid, Mitt Romney held the final fundraiser of his campaign Saturday just 17 days before the election, an aide said.

The Republican nominee, locked in a dead heat with President Barack Obama, has come to Florida for a weekend of intense preparations before his final debate here with the Democratic incumbent on Monday.

Romney had one last evening of glitz and glamour with well-healed donors on Saturday -- a two-tiered event at two different private homes in Palm Beach, according to Romney traveling press secretary Rick Gorka.

Obama attended a reported 220 fundraisers since announcing his re-election bid last year, including his final event in mid-October.

The two candidates combined reportedly have raised nearly $2 billion this campaign season, including $800 million by Romney and his Republican allies, according to the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan group that advocates for greater campaign transparency.

Obama raised a staggering $181 million haul in September alone, his campaign said, while Romney also raised huge money, more than $170 million in the same period.

After Monday's debate here, it will be a frenzy of campaigning, with both candidates criss-crossing political battleground states like Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Virginia in the effort to draw undecided voters to their cause.

Romney was coincidentally attending his final fundraiser Saturday just a few miles (kilometers) from Boca Raton, where his comments at a donor event earlier this year got him in major hot water.

It was there that Romney made his now-infamous "47 percent" remark, in which he essentially wrote off nearly half the population as self-described "victims" who would never vote for him because they were too dependent on big government.