CNN host Soledad O'Brien found herself needing a drink on Wednesday after former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu told her that she worked for the Obama "groupie channel" because she refused to back down on CNN's fact check of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the prior night's debate.

Sununu, who had previously called for O'Brien to "put an Obama bumper sticker on your forehead," blasted the CNN host again on Wednesday, calling her "out of your mind" because she refused to accept the Romney campaign's false assertion that President Barack Obama had not initially referred to the recent attacks in Libya as "acts of terror."

"I always need a cocktail after I speak to him," the CNN host sighed. "I really need a vodka and tonic after I talk to him. He takes such exception when you read quotes and comments. And we sort of had a similar issue, I thought with Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani when you try to get to, let's look at specifically what was said... and you get attacked for it."

"He has a point of view, I think it's fair to say," O'Brien said of Sununu. "And he loves to shout about it on TV often."

"He certainly is charming when says, you're out of your mind," CNN host Christine Romans snarked.

"I've gotten to the point where I no longer take offense at all or at anything he says," O'Brien concluded. "Obviously, he's hitting on me."

O'Brien's reaction to her interview with Sununu comes at about 9 minutes into the following video.

Watch this video from CNN's Starting Point, broadcast Oct. 17, 2012.