Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday hurled racist and offensive insults at a life-sized, cardboard poster of President Barack Obama while they were waiting for the GOP hopeful to speak in Denver.

The liberal group ProgressNow Action brought the Obama poster and a video camera to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum to give the group of potential Romney voters a chance to tell the president what they really thought of him.

"Shouldn't he be in the bowing position like he did in front of the kind of Saudi Arabia and China?" one man asked.

Romney supporters also called the Obama likeness "comrade" and "Muslim."

"Strangle him," a woman suggested.

"Why are you supporting an Islamist, Marxist, idiot socialist?" a person asked.

"Can you punch him?" a woman wondered.

On man carried a "47% 4 Mitt sign" and another woman claimed that the Romney crowd consisted of "the 52 percent that aren't entitled."

"Go home, go back to Kenya," a woman said. One man even offered to buy the plane ticket.

ProgressNow Action told KDVR that they had done nothing to provoke then crowd other than bring the Obama poster to the rally.

"It’s clear that not all, but many within Romney’s base of support dislike the President for irrational and often hateful reasons," ProgressNow executive director Joanne Schwartz explained. "Comments like ‘go back to Kenya,’ and asserting Obama is ‘black and used up’ reflect a much uglier prejudice than most Americans would identify with."

"Others continue to repeat discredited race-baiting falsehoods about the President’s religion and nationality," she added. "Everyone we videotaped yesterday has a right to free expression, but others have the right to publicly reject intolerance. In a free society, we have an obligation to call this out."

Watch this video from ProgressNow Action, broadcast Oct. 2, 2012.