Well, the episode this entire season's been building to has finally come, and the evolution of the Ponds finally over. Amy Pond was finally put in a position where she had to choose between the Doctor and her husband, and she chose her husband. Rory Williams, who started his stint on the show as a bit of a coward and definitely a killjoy, demonstrates how far he's come by not only figuring out what needs to be done but sucking it up and doing it with a very real-feeling courage. Which is to say, he's scared out of his mind, but willing to face down his fears and do what's right.

Which is why I felt the ending was earned. My least favorite thing about the 5th season was the way that Amy was always feeling pressured to choose by Rory. Anyone who asked you to make such an unfair choice doesn't deserve to keep you. Amy was adventurous and fun, and if Rory wasn't down with that, then Rory wasn't a good match for her. I think they realized this issue in the 6th season---that it wasn't enough that Rory waited 2,000 years if he only did so to be a whiny killjoy---and so they used the reset button caused by the big bang to rewrite his character as one who enjoys the fight, as well. He was a lot more fun then, and while I still get annoyed every time Amy is sent into weeping fits as she tries to "prove" that she finally deserves his love (gah), I actually don't hate Rory anymore. He finally deserves her love, because he didn't ask her to choose. In fact, by the end, he was just as down as she was, even though the Doctor appears to consider him something of a non-entity in the end.

We have a lot more thoughts in the video, so check that out. So, how did you feel about the episode? And please, does anyone have a good idea where in River's timeline she is? I'm feeling it must be closer to the end, but of course, that goes against the "his firsts are my lasts, etc." thing they've whipped out. We've already seen her first meeting with him, and she's clearly met him since. So, what's going on there? Did they just decide to drop that? I'm okay with that, if so.