Billionaire Donald Trump on Monday told the hosts of Fox & Friends that they deserved "as much" credit for the killing of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden as did President Barack Obama.

Going into Monday's presidential debate on foreign policy, Trump recommended that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney "be very, very aggressive because the target is so easy."

"This is the worst foreign policy in history," the reality star opined. "I got a kick before when he was saying, he's the more experienced person, meaning Obama. It's the worst foreign policy in history. The Middle East is crumbling down and they hate us. We've spent trillions of dollars -- we spent 1.5 trillion in Iraq and Iraq is going to hell. They all hate us, not to mention the lives that we lost. The lives that we lost in the Middle East, it is the greatest disaster."

He continued: "So, I would be -- if I were Mitt Romney -- very aggressive. Maybe Obama wouldn't even answer. It's possible. If he did the right thing, he wouldn't even respond."

Trump snarked that Obama was "experienced" on foreign policy because "everything he's done is wrong."

"He's going to be able to say, I ordered the hit on bin Laden," host Steve Doocy noted.

"By the way, he didn't get bin Laden," Trump insisted. "Fellas and folks, the military got bin Laden. He said, OK. Who else wouldn't do that? When they come and they tell you they have have bin Laden, he could say, don't get him -- which I don't think anybody would say -- or get him."

"But he didn't get bin Laden," the billionaire birther added. "He had as much to do with that as you did."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends via Media Matters, broadcast Oct. 22, 2012.