The Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson is suggesting that voters will look at the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and subconsciously blame President Barack Obama.

"I think in general natural disasters have a greater capacity to hurt -- for example, [Hurricane] Katrina -- than they do to help," Carlson told Fox News host Bret Baier on Tuesday. "Typically people don't blame the candidate -- any candidate -- for the storm itself."

He added that Obama had promised "to lower the level of the oceans, and obviously that didn't work."

"On the margins this probably hurts Obama a little bit in that it adds to the sort of general feeling that things are amiss in America," Carlson predicted. "And then in specific terms, you know, the one swing state most effected by this storm, Pennsylvania -- and if there's one place you could see the effect of the hurricane hurting voting turnout, [it] would be in Philadelphia. And maybe on the margins that helps the Romney campaign in the state of Pennsylvania."

"Let me push back," Baier replied. "It hurts because things are amiss in America because a hurricane comes?"

"I am in no sense suggesting people are rationally going to conclude Obama is responsible for the hurricane," Carlson insisted. "Of course not. But if you are looking at the incumbent and asking, 'Am I happy with the state of the country right now?' It's possible on the margins to effect the tiny group of undecided voters at this stage, that the fact there's a hurricane and ugly pictures on television will add to the cumulative effect that, you know, America is not going in the right direction."

Watch this video from Fox News' Special Report via Media Matters, broadcast Oct. 30, 2012.