NEW YORK — An aspiring Canadian actress accused of stalking US television star Alec Baldwin was arrested Tuesday in New York right after a court hearing.

Genevieve Sabourin's re-arrest came minutes after a chaotic hearing in which her lawyer quit her case, saying they could not work together.

The lawyer, Maurice Sercarz, said she'd taken to arguing her case on Twitter and television "contrary to my advice. He also cited "her unwillingness to negotiate."

Sabourin was led away in handcuffs, saying she did not know why she was being detained. However, New York media reports quoted sources saying she is accused of violating a court order telling her to keep away from Baldwin, who is the star of the television series "30 Rock".

Some of her tweets have mentioned Baldwin and his wife, a yoga instructor.

Baldwin filed stalking charges against Sabourin earlier this year, accusing her of sending love-struck emails, asking him to marry her and showing up uninvited at his Manhattan apartment.

Sabourin, who was arrested on April 8 and detained for 36 hours, said the stalking allegations were part of a "misunderstanding."