A glitch in a Florida county elections office placed hundreds and possibly thousands of calls telling people that they had until 7 p.m. to vote -- except the call indicated Wednesday, not Tuesday, as the deadline, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

The mistake occurred in Pinellas County because calls sent on Monday alerting people that they could vote until 7 p.m. "tomorrow" didn't reach about 12,000 intended targets.

The robocalls automatically began again this morning and were sent out between 8:00 and 8:30 until the elections office realized the error and stopped the calls. A spokesperson for the office claims that the number of residents mistakenly told they could vote Wednesday was nowhere close to 12,000 and that they quickly sent a second call correcting the error.

One resident of St. Petersburg, Fla., Kathie Spitzer, claimed that she received a call at 8:07 a.m. When she called the elections office to report the error, officials initially claimed that the error was impossible. "They were very uncooperative," Spitzer said.

Angry woman on phone. Image via Shutterstock