Brian Kilmeade, one of the three hosts of the Fox News Channel's morning show "Fox and Friends" said in a radio segment that the network chooses its female on air personnel from the "Victoria's Secret catalog." According to Think Progress, Kilmeade made the remarks on his Fox News Radio show, "Kilmeade and Friends."

During a listener call of Friday's show, the caller thanked Kilmeade's co-host Alisyn Camerota and "all the other women of Fox. I don't know who was the scout that got you guys, but they rock."

"It was Brian," said Camerota.

"It was, uh, it was actually...we go to the Victoria's Secret catalog," said Kilmeade. "And we say, 'Can any of these people talk?' And they all could and they all went to college."

"You're so crazy," Camerota said.

Hear audio from the segment, embedded below via Think Progress: