Fox Business host Lou Dobbs says Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knew exactly what he was doing when he "literally slobbered over" President Barack Obama in appreciation for the federal response to Hurricane Sandy.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly told Dobbs on Tuesday that Christie had put himself in "peril" by praising the president -- even though the governor clarified on Sunday that while Obama "earned" his thanks, he was still voting for Mitt Romney.

"I would like to correct Gov. Christie," Dobbs said. "He did not simply say thank you. He literally slobbered over the president with his expressions, the effusiveness."

"This is not a foolish or dumb man. He had to know what he was doing. He did not simply extend a hand. He embraced this president without -- at least this president -- physically, empirically, obviously doing anything."

"This is a response and relief effort that is woefully inadequate," the Fox Business host continued, comparing the most recent storm to the bungled Hurricane Katrina recovery. "We've got a president who is not responding to the emergency. He is campaigning."

Kelly asked Dobbs to speculate about why Christie was "fawning" over the president with only days to go before the election.

"I think that because people may not always be cognizant of this around the country but New Jersey is a blue state," Dobbs explained. "And Gov. Christie is a Republican governor and cold political calculation, I am sure was part of that. The other part is he had been working for probably 48 hours at that point. He's tired, he's exhausted and made, perhaps, a miscalculation, both as a governor and politically."

Watch this video from Fox News' America Live via Media Matters, broadcast Nov. 5, 2012.