More than a half dozen Democrats in Scottsdale, Arizona have come forward to say that they received automated telephone calls -- or robocalls -- from Rep. Jeff Flake’s (R-AZ) Senate campaign that told them to vote in the wrong place.

"It was totally wrong," lifelong Democrat Mary Crecco told KPNX. "And I feel like it was done purposely."

The robocall, which said it was sponsored by Flake's campaign, told Crecco to vote at Immanuel Bible Church, but her actual polling place is three miles away at Copper Canyon Elementary.

Other Democrats said they were informed that their polling places were up to 11 miles away from where they were supposed to vote.

For its part, the Flake campaign denied that Democratic voters were being targeted, insisting that only households with Republicans voters had been called.

"We had less than 10 voters contact the office with questions," Flake spokesperson Andrew Wilder said. "The only Democrats who would have received the call should be those that line in a Republican household."

But Crecco argued that no Republicans lived at her residence.

"Allegations like this where people are trying to disrupt the system -- in this case Congressman Flake's team -- really are detrimental to the Democratic process," Arizona Senate candidate Richard Carmona explained to KPNX.

A survey released by Public Policy Polling on Sunday found that Flake was leading Carmona by 5 points.

Watch this video from KPNX, broadcast Nov. 4, 2012.

(h/t: Think Progress)