A Texas gun store owner says that gun sales were a "madhouse" on Black Friday because President Barack Obama was re-elected and people are stocking up in advance of the Mayan-predicted "doomsday."

FBI records released earlier this week indicated that the bureau fielded 154,873 calls for background checks last Friday, beating last year's record of 129,166 background checks by about 20 percent.

Jerry McCall, who owns Texas Guns in San Antonio, thinks he knows why.

"It was a madhouse," the gun store owner explained to NBC affiliate WOAI. "They want to be able to defend themselves because they've lost confidence in our legislators."

McCall pointed to President Obama's re-election because "more people feel under the gun to get one in anticipation of possible new laws restricting gun ownership," WOAI reporteed.

"He’s also sold to customers who may be preparing for a 'doomsday' scenario as we end 2012, in case the Mayans were right," according to the station.

"I bought my gold. I have my food. And now I'm buying the gun so I can keep my gold and my food," McCall recalled one customer telling him.

And he said the sales trend indicated that older, first-time buyers wanted to purchase tactical rifles even though they "really haven't hunted or used a firearm."

Watch the video below from WOAI, broadcast Nov. 30, 2012.