As a parent, comedian W. Kamau Bell said Thursday, he has some experience dealing with a frustrated child, like 4-year-old Abigael Evans, the little girl who got visibly upset when NPR asked her about "Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney."

So he devised a lullaby for the now-completed presidential race, "Goodbye Election," which pulled together zingers and clips from the various highlights (or lowlights) of election season.

"Good night to the Secretary of Explaining Stuff, with all of your wit," Bell said over a picture of former president Bill Clinton. "Good night Donald Trump, and all your bullshit."

While touching on various pundits and gaffes, though, Bell did offer some advice to newly re-elected President Barack Obama.

"The election is over, only time will tell," Bell said. "But you need to enact gun control, address climate change, close Gitmo, stop droning people, deal with the financial cliff, help the poor, but you know what? Just listen to Michelle."

Watch Bell's lullaby to the 2012 election, aired Thursday night on FX, below.