The Huffington Post starts the weekend by asking on Friday whether or not we are all cyborgs, a reference to a TED talk that claims we indeed are.

A cyborg is an organism "to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new environments," says the TED talk in question.

Amber Case, who calls herself a "cyborg anthropologist," argues that we are all now cyborgs, as we use not just traditional tools, which extend the "physical self," but technology which allows "an extension of the mental self."

Yet one HuffPo blogger points out the deep resentment that some people have regarding the "ambient intimacy" of Facebook and social media that Case discusses, potentially meaning that "we aren't all cyborgs yet."

Responses to the video also take issue with the "all of us" label and claim that there are socioeconomic factors to consider. One commenter argues, "A growing proportion of Americans can't even afford blood pressure medication. I rather suspect the segment of the population that will be able to *afford* to turn themselve into cybernetic organisms is shrinking daily."

Watch the video below and read the HuffPo blog post.