Fox News contributor Monica Crowley says that America committed "national suicide" by re-electing President Barack Obama because tax rates will probably go up on the top earners in the country.

During a Thursday segment about Obama's fiscal cliff "ultimatum," Fox Business host Lou Dobbs wondered where was the "coordinated action and rhetoric" from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and other conservatives to block the tax hikes on the rich.

"But here's the thing, you can't win them all so you're going to see higher taxes on the wealthy," one panelist noted. "And Boehner knows this so he's probably going to sit back and let this thing backfire. And we're looking at higher taxes, no growth, no jobs, fake interest rates. And in two years, I think the Republican Party comes back stronger. Tea party 2.0."

"From a conservative perspective, November 6 was a national suicide," Crowley asserted. "There is a very thin, fine, red line between us and total destruction of the American idea. That thin, red line was the Republican Party. If this party also commits suicide, this will be catastrophic."

Dobbs concluded by promising a future segment to discuss why "Republicans are having trouble with only two areas: one -- winning elections and -- the other -- governing."

Watch this video from Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight, broadcast Dec. 6, 2012.

(h/t: Media Matters)