Celebrities like "Desperate Housewife" Eva Longoria and Puerto Rican salsa star Marc Anthony celebrated President Barack Obama's reelection -- and how Hispanic voters helped him win.

Hispanic music, film and television stars as well as Latino lawmakers gathered at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night for a raucous celebration that included a visit from Vice President Joe Biden.

"This is your moment, and America owes you," Biden told the crowd.

"You spoke in a way that the world and the US cannot fail to hear," Biden stressed to cheers, noting that a record of more than 12 million Hispanics voted -- 71 percent in favor of Obama.

Hispanics are the largest US minority of which the US Census Bureau keeps track -- about 13 percent of the US population. Most Hispanic Americans have roots in neighboring Mexico -- as does Longoria, a big campaigner for Obama.

Lets "celebrate the reelection of our beloved President Barack Obama, and salute the work and support of so many Latinos during the election," she said.

But there are also large numbers of Americans who families hail from across Latin America, including the US Caribbean commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

"Our united voice got us all here and put the best men for the job in the white house, " said Grammy-winner Anthony.

Also on hand taking the stage together were Broadway legends Chita Rivera and Rita Moreno, who are Puerto Rican.

Biden earlier was sworn in for a new term by Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayor, a Puerto Rican New Yorker.