Former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday said those who opposed gun control measures like banning the sale of high-capacity magazines were crazy.

"I grew up in the hunting culture, but this is nuts," he said during a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show. "Why does anybody need a 30 round clip for a gun? Why does anybody need one of those things that carries 100 bullets? The guy in Colorado had one of those."

"Half of all mass killings in the United States have occurred since the assault weapons ban expired in 2005," Clinton continued. "Half, in all of the history of the country. So I hope that former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and other people who stepped up after the Newtown tragedy will have some impact on this."

The former President also addressed the NRA's proposal to prevent school shootings by hiring armed guards to patrol schools.

"There are going to need to be some armed guards in some schools where there is a higher crime rate and kids themselves may take weapons to school, absolutely, but it is not an excuse not to deal with this issue."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by the Associated Press, below: