Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Thursday compared Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong after she defended herself against attacks from Republican lawmakers at hearings on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

During the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Clinton had fought back after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) had suggested that lawmakers were "intentionally misled" about the reason behind the September attacks in Benghazi.

“With all due respect, the fact is we have four dead Americans,” Clinton shot back. “Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?"

"Her point was, what difference does it make at this point, let's get justice," Fox News host Alisyn Camerota observed on Thursday. "But where is the justice? Why hasn't anybody been prosecuted? I tend to agree that the messaging isn't as important as the justice. But, again, that was the follow-up question that I wanted to have asked, which was, 'Right, what are we doing? Why don't we know names? Where are the suspects? Where's the prosecution?' But that wasn't answered either yesterday."

"This is the Lance Armstrong principle of when you're in trouble, yell at the person asking you a question," Kilmeade declared. "That's the way that he kept everybody off of him for 15 years. And believe me, that's what I thought of right away because when she gets angry, you do not want to be in her crosshairs."

"But the fact is that everyone is looking at the fact that she got angry and thinking, wow, she looks good," the Fox News host continued to rant. "But her words absolutely defy the logic behind the whole reason for the hearing."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Jan. 24, 2013.

(h/t: Mediaite)