Stephen Colbert didn't waste any time in saying that Monday didn't really mark President Barack Obama's second inauguration, given that Obama had already been sworn in at the White House on Sunday.

By taking his oath of office again in Monday's public ceremony, Colbert said, "Obama has made himself a three-term president, serving the second two terms consecutively. Now to get rid of him, we have to impeach him twice."

The ceremony involving Bibles belonging to not only his wife Michelle's family, but both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, Colbert said, showed not only the president's greed, but constituted "a freaky Bible three-way" that demonstrated how willing Obama is to chase celebrity.

"It is so transparent that old Hollywood Hussein over here just used Lincoln's Bible to ride the popularity of [Steven] Spielberg's blockbuster," Colbert said. "It's the exact same reason why back in 1992, [Bill] Clinton hopped on the "Basic Instinct" wagon by swearing in on Sharon Stone's vagina."

While noting the inclusion of singers Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor, Colbert also took aim at another performer, poet Carlos Blanco, who seemed to befuddle House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).

"Would it kill you to throw a rhyme in there?" Colbert asked. "It's a poem, it's not that hard."

Colbert then offered up his own verse:

There once was a man named Barack

whose reelection came at a shock

he raised taxes I pay

and then turned marriage gay

and now he's coming after your glock

Watch Colbert take on the first day of Obama's second term, aired Jan. 21, 2013, below.

And you can also see Colbert "re-inaugurate" himself on his own stack of Bibles here: