Stephen Colbert donned his "gilly suit" on Monday for an extended defense of the rights of gun owners, including James Yeager, the Tennessee CEO who said he would "start killing people" if gun safety legislation were passed.

"Why would you ever want to take away this man's guns?" Colbert asked after playing a clip of Yeager's first rant against a perceived government gun shakedown.

Colbert also criticized the media for exploiting the rash of recent gun tragedies, particularly CNN host and "Union Jack-off" Piers Morgan.

"When it comes to gun rights, like all Englishmen, he drives on the wrong side of the barrel," Colbert said of Morgan, who he accused of ignoring reasonable questions from the likes of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who had his own run-in with the Englishman in which Jones veered between yelling and asking non sequiturs.

"Answer the real question, Piers!" Colbert demanded. "How many chimps can dance on the head of a pin? Why can't donkeys hangglide? How much lunch meat can you hit with a hockey stick? It's pointless to talk about gun control until these vital questions have been answered."

Watch Colbert's defense of Yeager and Jones, aired on Jan. 14, 2013, below.