Ann Coulter is insisting that guns don't kill people, non-white people kill people.

The conservative columnist on Monday told Fox News host Sean Hannity that the country had a "demographic problem" because "white populations" in the U.S. and Belgium had the same low murder rate.

"As you know, I just got back from England," Coulter explained. "On the gun crimes, we keep hearing how low they are in Europe and, 'Oh, they're so low and they have no guns.' If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium."

"So, perhaps, it's not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem, which liberals are the one are pushing, pushing, pushing, 'Let's add more [African-American mass murderer] Colin Fergusons and more whoever the [Muslim] guy was who shot up Fort Hood.' Why are they coming in to begin with?"

Coulter suggested that if President Barack Obama decided to use an executive order to ban high-capacity magazines then the next Republican president should respond by banning "abortionists and abortion clinics."

"It's when you have a home invasion that you need a large-capacity magazine, especially if you are a female who isn't constantly at the gun range," she opined.

Watch this video from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast Jan. 14, 2013.

(h/t: Media Matters)