The news that the Boy Scouts of America were considering allowing gay members sent evangelical radio host Bryan Fischer into an apoplectic mood on Tuesday.

"This is just unbelievable to me," Fischer told co-host Fred Jackson. "This is a suicide mission on the part of the Boy Scouts. They're done. They're toast. They're history."

The organization's national board is reportedly considering doing away with its mandatory ban on LGBT scouts or scout leaders, in favor of letting individual organizations determine their membership guidelines. The change in longstanding Scouts' policy was allegedly called for by "individual chapters."

The chance that future Scout troops could have homosexual members, Fischer said, would discourage him as a father from enrolling a son in the organization.

"We know that male homosexuals offend against children at roughly 10 times the rate that heterosexuals offend against young children," Fischer said, offering no source for his information. "There's a risk there. It's just insanity that they are relaxing this standard."

Fischer also alluded to the Scouts' efforts to cover up what they referred to as "perversion files," confidential documents listing sexual abuse by scoutmasters. Revising their membership policy now, he said, was tantamount to an invitation for predators.

"To me it's just suicidal, Fred," he told Jackson, before repeating, "they're finished, they're done. There is not a loving father in America, from this day forward, there is not one loving father in America that ever, ever, ever, ought to entrust his son to the Boy Scouts of America."

Watch Fischer's rant against the Boy Scouts, posted online by Right Wing Watch on Tuesday, below.