A woman who said she was a former member of the foreign service called C-SPAN on Wednesday to blast Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Rand Paul (R-KY) for being "asses" who deserved to be moved to the Senate Agriculture Committee where they could "dish dirt" after they grilled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the 2012 attacks in Benghazi.

At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, McCain told Clinton that there were warnings before the attack, but "with all these warnings, we didn't have a single Defense Department" force to protect Americans at the consulate.

"I categorically reject your answers," McCain said. "The American people deserve answers and they certainly don't deserve false answers."

Paul went even further, saying he would have fired Clinton for her "culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11."

"Had I been president at the time, and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post," the Kentucky Republican ranted. “I think it’s inexcusable.

Following the Senate hearing, C-SPAN took a call from women named Sarah from Sterling, Virginia on the Democrats line.

"As a former member of the foreign service, I thought that Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. John McCain made complete asses of themselves, if I can use that word," Sarah volunteered. "They have no idea with regard to the status of forces agreement and to what the role of the U.S. Marine Corps is in embassies."

Sarah went on to explain that she had been stationed in a Middle East country where American staff had only been provided one security guard by the host country.

"The State Department has no control over that unless there is a status of forces agreement that allows Marine security guards to step out of their comfort zone," she continued.

"And Rand Paul has no idea, has no clue of what happens at an American embassy. I suggest that he change committees and go over to the Agriculture Committee, that's where you can dish dirt. And that's exactly what he did. He was a disgrace and he should not be on that committee."

But it wasn't only Democrats who were ripping into McCain and Paul. Sarah's call was followed by a call from Natasha in Lansing, Michigan on the Republican line.

"As a Republican, I am thoroughly embarrassed by the way they acted," Natasha said. "And I guess it would be very appropriate to say, there's no fool like an old fool, unless he happens to be a young fool. This woman who has worked so hard for our country and has donated, well, practically her health had -- they had no business in talking that way to her."

"For them to get up and grandstand, no wonder our Republican Party is going down the tubes when we have two people that act as foolish and ignorantly as these two did," she added.

Watch this video from C-SPAN, broadcast Jan. 23, 2013.