Fox News sent correspondent Phil Keating snake hunting in Florida over the weekend armed with a giant machete, which he casually waved at viewers in a live report on Monday.

Keating explained to host Megyn Kelly that he had spent most of Saturday talking to some of the nearly 800 hunters that had signed up to help rid Florida of its Burmese python problem.

One snake hunter told Keating that he was equipped with a 12 gauge shotgun, a machete and .25 caliber sidearm.

"The record in Florida is 17 feet, 7 inches and if you kill one of those out there the idea is shoot it once in the head or chop its head off with a machete," the reporter explained as he made a awkward chopping motion at the camera with his oversized shiny knife.

Phil Keating with a machete

"Look at you wielding that thing around," Kelly laughed. "Look at the job they gave you. Did they make you sign a waiver? Did Fox News make you sign a release before they sent you down there?"

"No just plenty of mosquito spray and a lot of water," Keating replied. "We were very cautious without a doubt because pythons are maybe 12 feet long."

"One big tip," he added. "Don't let the python wrap itself around you. Just don't."

Watch this video from Fox News' America Live, broadcast Jan. 14, 2013.